Guy Ritchie

The Maltese are trustworthy. Malta is inexpensive and the labour is good. Not only that, the locals are just plain fun. It’s been a case of home away from home here.

Jeffery Hunter

The Mediterranean is as blue as an angel’s eyes, warm, and so clear that you can watch a veiled tropical fish weaving round a thousand feet below the surface.

Jonas Armstrong

You just can’t find places like this in the UK. It’s difficult to act plausibly in front to a green screen. Malta delivers all these amazing locations that only add to the atmosphere of the film.

Otto Heller

Malta has the finest photographing light of practically anywhere in the world…it’s so sharp and haze free it almost gives the picture a third-dimensional effect.

Ted Kurdlya

2000 years back in time…in the space of 30 minutes 2000 years back in time…in the space of 30 minutes 000 years back in time…in the space of 30 minutes

Colin Firth

Malta obviously suited our needs in so many ways, because they have this extraordinary tank, and the word ‘tank’ doesn’t really tell a story as to what it is. It’s a big infinity pool with the sea at the end of it. If you’re shooting on boats, I don’t think you could be in a […]

Natalie Chaidez

There is a very supportive film commission and a strong base of film history. You have a great infrastructure of Maltese craftsmen

John Krasinski

John Krasinski, lead actor on director Michael Bay’s ’13 Hours: The Secret Soldier of Benghazi’ which was shot on location in Malta.