Andrea Lervolino

We shot in Malta because there were some locations that allow us to have the environments already ready without having to rebuild and Malta have a fantastic Film Commission.

Arthur Max

Fort Ricasoli offered us the space, and it was enclosed by these ancient-looking stone walls with arches and some building we eventually did interiors in. We created a kind of Roman backlot.

Chris Brigham

It all seemed impossible – that is under our director, Kevin Reynolds had spent less than one day in Malta. Kevin had planned to visit half dozen different countries in search of these quite difficult and quite specific locations. Happily, for all of us, Malta was his first and last stop.

Ridley Scott

What we got out of Malta was terrific. It’s very much a studio situation and it’s the best water facility I know of.

Fernando Bovaira

Malta provided the best possible location for a film like Agora. The period backdrops, the climate, the quality English speaking crews and the wonderful possibilities of the casting and extras together with Malta being part of the EU, have made our lives easier.

Rick Carter

Malta has this kind of Mediterranean hodgepodge of culture. Where we could find areas that look like southern European locations in one spot and areas that look like Israel or Beirut in another.