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Over €1.5M in funds awarded for 19 local productions


Nineteen local productions have been awarded over €1.54 million in funds for productions as part of the Creative Malta scheme administered by the Malta Film Commission.

Launched in December 2022, the Creative Malta scheme was designed to better meet the industry’s needs.

The process has also been made simpler and more producer-friendly with a more straightforward application process that focuses on creativity.

Additionally, the focus is for filmmakers to think globally,  supporting more local producers and strengthening local productions further. This is a commitment to elevate Maltese film to a broader stage.

Creative Malta is just one of a number of schemes and initiatives by Government which support local productions and local producers. 

The Malta Film Commission has also extended the cash rebate initiative, which can rise up to 50%, to local productions to support their projects further.

To date, the following individuals and companies have been awarded funds through Creative Malta:

Abigail Mallia – Take Two/Storyhouse 

Blu Skies – Season 1: The Jenny Wilder Tapes 

Scriptwriting – €30,000

Alex Camilleri – Solari Productions


Production – €380,000

Fabrizio Fenech – Anomaly Limited 

Unur, Fama, Glorja 

Production – €20,000

Hristijan Kostovski – Somnium Es 

Beautiful Lie 

Festival – €1,300

Hristijan Kostovski – Somnium Es 

The Unity 

Production – €4,000

Jean-Pierre Debattista – Toontuloon Limited 

Best Friends with Fonzu the Rabbit 

Development – €34,248

Jean-Pierre Debattista – Toontuloon Limited 

The Pincher Slayer 

Scriptwriting – €22,000

Joseph Azzopardi – 10th Man Pictures 


Production – €190,000

Justin Farrugia – Sharpshoot Media 

Kamra 432 

Production – €259,610

Justin Farrugia – Sharpshoot Media 

The Women of George Cross Island 

Festival – €700

Keith Tedesco – Lampa Stampa Ltd 

The Home Straight 

Production – €94,000

Keith Tedesco – Lampa Stampa Ltd 


Scriptwriting – €10,300

Mark Doneo – Mad Movies Productions 

The Disappearance of Kelly Sinclair 

Scriptwriting – €21,000

Matt Hookings – Camelot Films 

The Lost Book of Creation  

Scriptwriting – €30,000

Michael Carol Bartolo – Limestone Pictures Limited  


Development – €20,000

Oliver Mallia – Pellikola 

Mother Dearest 

Production – €30,000

Peter Sant – Hereonin 

Background Sound 

Production – €300,000

Roger Zammit – Pineapple Media Ltd 

Lost in a Stream 

Development – €25,000

Sebastian Peiter – Urban Canyons 

Pirates and Slaves 

Production – €70,000