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One of Apple TV+’s Largest TV Series, ‘Foundation’ being produced in Malta


Currently, Malta is hosting ‘Foundation’, one of the largest productions being shot in Europe. This production is one of the first Apple TV+ series and is expected to be significantly promoted in different markets.

This production has been undergoing preparations and producing in Malta for the past four months.

Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection, Clayton Bartolo made reference to the past year in the film industry, and stated “It is positive to note, that amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Malta managed keep attracting several productions. In fact, Malta attracted 11 productions during 2020, with a total spend of around €32 million” He looks forward with optimism to witness the Malta Film Studios’ Masterplan being implemented, including the building of Malta’s first sound stages.

Johann Grech

Malta Film Commissioner, Johann Grech said that the Malta Film Commission is proud to have ‘Foundation’ home. This production has spent more than €10 million whilst being produced in Malta, employing more than 400 film crew and 800 extras.

Grech mentioned that it is positive to note that this production chose Malta as one of their filming locations despite the circumstances with the COVID-19 pandemic. He explained that whilst the film industry was globally impacted, the Malta Film Commission kept on working to attract more international productions to the Maltese Islands. “This could only happen, with clear and robust COVID protocols, to facilitate productions in Malta.”

“Malta is truly showing its potential, its resilience, its capabilities. Together – we managed to deliver our promise to host ‘Foundation’ with excellent crew, excellent service and great locations. We are so proud of our local talent.” Grech said. 

“Malta will always be home for Foundation” Commissioner Grech concluded.


The American production from Los Angeles, ‘Foundation’ has used several filming locations around Malta, including all 3 water tanks at the Malta Film Studios. The scenes being filmed in Malta relate to main scenes of the first season.

Foundation Producer Michael Malone, said that his experience in Malta, assisted by the Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech and the Malta Film Commission has been an excellent one. Malone mentioned that shortly after the production ends in Malta, he will be personally recommending Malta to other film crew. Malone also praised the Maltese hospitality and the excellent services provided.

David Goyer, Executive Producer, Director, Showrunner of Foundation, mentioned that the production had decided to extend their stay in Malta from their original dates and period. He mentioned that Malta as a location offers several possibilities for film producers. Goyer praised the standard and protocols adopted by the Malta Commission, highlighting Malta as ‘the ideal location for this production.’ Goyer concluded that he is satisfied that his experience in Malta was a successful one.