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Minister for Tourism and Film Commissioner Advocate for Early Film Education


Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo, and Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech visited Mellieha Primary School today, highlighting the crucial role of early film education. This visit precedes the highly anticipated Film Education Conference – Sure Start, scheduled to take place later this month.

Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo shared his insights on the event, stating, “Film is an influential medium that educates, inspires, and broadens horizons. Early film education aids our students in understanding and appreciating various cultures and perspectives while fostering their creative talents. Film is not just a form of art but a powerful driver of our tourism sector.

By encouraging early film education, we are nurturing future filmmakers who can contribute to Malta’s reputation as a prime filming destination.”

Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech highlighted the long-term value of this initiative, stating, “Early exposure to film education sows the seeds for a vibrant film industry in the future. It empowers our youth, equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in an industry that continues to bring economic, cultural benefits, and vast job opportunities to our country.”
Grech further announced, “As from next year, we are taking steps to empower teachers to impart film education from an early age. This is in line with our commitment to nurturing homegrown talent and continuing Malta’s legacy in the film industry.”