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Malta Film Commissioner holds listening sessions with Malta Film Crew


Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech is currently holding a number of listening sessions with the Malta Film Crew, listening to their stories, experiences and challenges.

Listening Sessions are currently being organised with film crew from all departments.

The Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech said that such listening sessions are being done to create a sustainable film industry, where opportunities are for all. He highlighted the fact that since January 2021, Malta had already attracted 7 international productions.

“We are working towards a sustainable industry, where opportunities are for the many not the few. It is crucial to keep listening to our film crew to gather ideas, listen to their ideas. With the implementation of our recently-launched masterplan, and the building of new soundstages in Malta, our country will be hosting more production, turning occasional job opportunities into careers.” the Malta Film Commissioner said.

Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo outlined the Government’s commitment to continue investing in Film Studios facilities, focusing on building the first soundtsgaes in Malta. Minister Bartolo said that during the first three months of the year, Malta was home to three international productions, which generated around €18 million into the economy and created over 1,000 jobs.

“The Government of Malta’s vision for the film industry remains to create a sustainable industry with all-year round back-to-back productions, as opposed to a seasonal one. In this manner, we will continue to guarantee jobs, and ensure direct cash injection in our economy.” the Minister concluded.