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Launch of Creative Malta


The Malta Film Commission launched a fund for the local film industry entitled “Creative Malta”.


This fund’s first phase will amount to €600,000 and this will be a primary platform through which local producers can benefit in order to make their stories a reality.


Primarily, “Creative Malta” will incorporate an open call system which will lead to increased efficiency in industry requests and simplified application procedures whereby less documentation will be required at the early stages of application.


For the first time, this fund will not be governed by the de minimis regulation and recoupment clauses will also be removed.


These details were unveiled in a news conference addressed by Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo and Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech.


Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo emphasized on how such changes are an important step forward and will lead the sector to improve creativity and quality of our overall product.


“We listened to the industry and took the necessary decisions to further strengthen opportunities for local producers and expose them to a global mindset. This is the mentality that we are pushing forward so that the funds which we are investing into local producers result in success not just within our islands, but also on an international level”  said Minister Bartolo.


The Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech remarked, “we are giving full support to those who dream of joining Malta’s creative industry both on a national and international level – becoming tomorrow’s filmmakers and making a name for themselves, globally.


I encourage all those who wish to join the industry, especially our teenagers – the young generation, to apply for the schemes available within Creative Malta, so that they can take another step towards their professional careers.


We are creating more opportunities, so that we continue walking this journey together – to create a world-class film industry in Malta.”