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MALTA | make it happen for your story


A world of opportunity to tell your story

Malta offers natural beauty, stunning locations and an exceptional quality of life.  Our islands have doubled for every corner of the globe.

We’ve provided the seas for Troy’s armies, the streets for Steven Spielberg’s secret agents, and the sand for a Gladiators’ sword fights.  We have welcomed a cast of characters including emperors, assassins, lovers, pirates and everyone in between.

Malta is a great place to call home during the months of production.

We offer 27% cash back alongside a skilled workforce and a country proud to support the creative industries with the sort of experienced hands-on support that every film-maker needs.

Hosting Europe’s largest outdoor Infinity SFX water facilities, international film-makers have the unparalleled advantage of being able to create the fiercest and most vivid of sea storms – all in a completely safe and controlled filming environment.

The Malta Film Commission is passionate about supporting the creative industries on our islands, which is why we’re always working to attract, retain and expand business opportunities on our islands.

We are proud of Malta’s track record in the filming industry and today we are building together for the next generation of film-making.

Malta is a one-stop shop for film-makers, supporting productions of all budgets.

And yes, we are committed to make it happen for your story.

Johann Grech 

Malta Film Commissioner