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Young Persons & Minors Employment


The regulations set out by Legal Notice 440/2003 (Young Persons Employment Regulations), seek to protect young workers in employment. Young persons include children (minors) who have not yet attained the age of sixteen years and those between sixteen and under eighteen years, known as adolescents.

Before employing any children, production companies must obtain an approval in writing from the Director for Industrial and Employment Relations, as well as a letter of approval from the Education Department.

Before engaging or offering work to any young person, an employer shall carry out an assessment of the occupational health and safety hazards which may be involved at the place of work, and such assessment shall be repeated whenever there is any major change in working conditions. Parents or chaperones must be present at all times and shall have the right to be within sight and sound of the particular minors. All auditions and fitting activities for children under fifteen years of age are to be held after school hours and completed by 9 pm. Adults must be present at and during any call.

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure children are not exposed to potentially dangerous situations which places them in clear and present danger to life or limb. The child, after discussing such conditions with the stunt coordinator and parent, is not obliged to work in such conditions. There must be one person designated on each set to coordinate all matters relating to the welfare of the child.

The Director for Industrial and Employment Relations may at his discretion attach a number of conditions relating to work by children as may be deemed fit.