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Post Production


Post-production rebates has now been made eligible with a €150,000 cap per project.

Facilities for post-production in Malta are taking ground with a few post houses and broadcasters providing some services for broadcasting, film and corporate sectors. Such systems available deliver powerful and precise tools that work with virtually any format and assure an intuitive integration with all other applications that are considered as industry standard tools.

With post-production houses on the rise, Malta is able to provide offline and online editing facilities to production companies looking to complete their productions. Be it Dailies/Rough cuts or Full production, over the past years, Maltese companies have invested in various NLE (Non-Linear Editing) systems to accommodate any creative or technical need imaginable. Furthermore, through the use of colour correcting and VFX tools and the addition of music and sound studios on the island, Malta can offer a whole package.

Excellent ADR facilities in Malta have proved to be very useful to film companies hiring actors still engaged in the post-production of their previous works. Companies in Malta have done dialogue replacement work for Russell Crow [The Insider], Jonathan Rhys Davies [Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers] and Harvey Keitel [Holy Smoke] respectively.

Several specialised Visual Effects companies are available to offer their services in Malta to Production Companies along with many highly skilled professionals who can be recruited onto productions. The growth in VFX in film productions has sparked an increase in the facilities offered here in Malta. These facilities allow film companies to bring expensive concepts to the screen within an affordable budget and provide the necessary expertise and knowledge to ensure that the Directors creative vision is easily achieved.