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Lighting & Grip Equipment


Malta has a number of lighting suppliers and studios that are experienced in renting lighting equipment to audio-visual productions and have a broad product list, including an extensive generator supply. Certain specific lighting gears may not be available in Malta and would have to be shipped from overseas.

A number of cranes varying in dimensions are available for rent from service providers based on the island with the additional option of larger cranes such as the Techno Crane 50 as well as more specialised equipment such as The Scorpio Arm being readily available to be shipped down by the same local providers within a 48hr period. Dollies and other key grip equipment are directly available for rent from Maltese warehouses. The island also offers a number of key grip/sparks/gaffers with a great deal of experience. Specialised crew members can be provided both with the equipment as well to supplement the various departments in terms of crew members. Hyrdoflex and scubacam underwater equipment packages to support shoots making use of the island’s water tank facilities are also available with a number of water-related setups.