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More jobs in the film industry


Malta’s film industry is creating more job opportunities. The industry is no longer a seasonal one, but has become back-to-back, with crew working from one production to another. There is a need for more people to join the film industry, so that our country can keep up with the large demand of productions interested to shoot their projects in Malta.

The Malta Film Commission is offering a training programme to provide those working in other industries, with the necessary skills to work in the film industry.

Through a message on social media, Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech stated “We want more people to join us. We need you.”

The Malta Film Commission is issuing a call for artists, creatives and technical people to join the film industry. Through its campaign, the Commission is calling on – carpenters, graphic designers, draughtsmen, architects, interior designers, electricians, welders, sculptors, painters and plasterers – to apply and participate in a short intensive training programme to be able to start working in the industry.

In a clear and determined message, Grech stated “We want to prepare you. We are investing in your training – to join the film industry. We want to create an opportunity for all – and now is the time to join us because our industry will keep growing.”
Those interested should contact the Malta Film Commission by calling on 2180 9135 or sending an email on [email protected]. They can also visit the Malta Film Studios in Kalkara on Saturday 5th November between 9am and 12pm and speak to the team.