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Malta Film Commission’s Jean Pierre Borg Shares Insightful Lecture on Screen Tourism


Earlier this week, the Malta Film Commission collaborated with the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) in a Continuous Professional Development seminar aimed at all licensed tour guides in Malta. Jean Pierre Borg from the Malta Film Commission (MFC), was one of the guest speakers at the event where he gave a presentation about Malta and its Screen Tourism potential.

During the lecture, Mr Borg spoke about how Malta has attracted numerous films from all over the world, such as Jurassic World, Gladiator, and Troy, which have all used Malta as a backdrop for their stories. These films have exposed worldwide audiences to the beautiful locations of Malta, making it an attractive location for foreign film productions.

Mr Borg also discussed the practical approaches to incorporating film in the guide’s narrative, adding value to the visitor’s experience. He encouraged the tourist guides to use available resources to create new customised film-related tourism products that showcase Malta’s rich filmography.

The learning objectives of the lecture included having a better understanding of Malta’s film industry and appreciating the wide range of productions shot over the years. The guides also gained a better understanding of existing screen tourism products and were encouraged to use their creativity to create new and exciting experiences for their visitors.

This is one of many ongoing initiatives where the Malta Film Commission is working hand in hand with key stakeholders in promoting Malta and its film industry.

The Film Commission looks forward to strengthening its collaboration with ITS and and other industry experts to promote Malta’s screen tourism and enhance the visitor’s experience.